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Snap Fitness Thornhill

2300 John St. Unit 15 Thornhill ON L3T 6G7

Enjoy a better thornhill fitness club experience, achieve better results - here's how:

* No contracts, no hassles - pay as you go * Open 24/7 - work out when you want, nearby * Affordable rates - gym memberships starting at about $1 a day * The best equipment - without the long waiting lines

Tired of high membership fees and long-term commitments? At Snap Fitness we don’t have contracts; you pay month-to-month. And with memberships starting at around $1 a day, you can get the same quality workout as those larger, fancier clubs without breaking the bank.

Not using your membership? No problem! Freeze your membership for up to three months each year.

A quality workout at an affordable price – just another way we give you a better experience and better results. Isn’t it time you joined Snap Fitness? * Bonus online training, nutrition and wellness services * Clean, comfortable, safe and friendly fitness gym