LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic Toronto-Yorkdale

104-150 Bridgeland Avenue Toronto ON M6A 1Z4

LIVE WELL is not a gym. We are a medical fitness clinic, focusing on safe and effective programs that improve your health and wellness. All of our evidence-based programs are designed by exercise clinicians and approved by our Medical Director to prevent or rehabilitate health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. At LIVE WELL, many of our members are referred to us by their family doctors, and we keep in regular touch with physicians to keep them up to date on our members' progress and any changes to their health. We also closely monitor you before, during and after exercise by taking your pulse, doing blood pressure readings, or measuring your blood glucose levels if necessary. We know what exercises to avoid if you have high blood pressure, the best exercises for diabetics with foot neuropathy, and how to begin to exercise again after a heart attack, for example. You will not find this kind of medical expertise, clinical supervision and individual attention at a regular gym.