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Recently voted BEST GYM -Liberty Village - Queen West - Parkdale, TheGym at 99 Sudbury is more than a gym. We are a health and fitness club that provides our members with excellent workout facilities and services, while maintaining a hip and positive environment. Our newly renovated 30,000 sq. ft fitness club includes a Health and Wellness Centre, three weight rooms, cardio section with state-of-the-art equipment, and two exercise studios with a Spinning room. Visit our website for our class schedule and register for a complimentary 1st visit! We hope to see you there.

99 Sudbury The Gym Reviews

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December 23, 2012

The gym is just great. So much so although I need to move apartments im looking for one close to continue going there. It truly is my sanctuary. The outlook at first is old school with new vibrant up beat art work. The staff is friendly and always have a friendly manner to great u. Highly recommend it but not too many cause I'm elfish and love that it's not over populated yet.
July 15, 2012

Been at the gym for close to a year now. When searching around for a new gym I was just focused on finding one that was without the distractions of the big box type of gyms where the amount of lcd tv's, couches and other bullshit that has nothing to do with training seems to be the basis of what makes a good gym. Sudbury had/has this. A couple of power racks, more than enough free weights and VERY useful machines.

What really did it for me was the 2 tractor wheels, fire hoses (for rope training), power sled, gymnastics rings, a ton of punching bags!

Now with all that's the biggest issue I have. The same things that made me want to join the gym (mentioned above) aren't really that accessible! I love doing my rope and tire training but it's very hard to do this due to the lack of room. The power sled has since disappeared, granted there wasnt really any room to run sled training sessions. But damn it I would love incorporate more of this to my training!

I'm not sure if the outside "backyard" is allowed access by the gym, but it would be amazing to have that space utilized for the dynamic training (tires, ropes, sleds, etc).

I truly believe the space is amazing, it's utilized pretty well, but just missing something. The layout and setup of the equipment can be a bit better!

With all that said I got to say I really do enjoy it here. I'm pretty sure I'll be a member for as long as my proximity to the location remains within reason.

If I remember right, David is the name of the dude that runs stuff at the gym. I gotta say, he's a great person, very down to earth, comes across as a genuine person...didn't pressure me at all for personal training sessions with him or the group. Didn't pressure me to sign up. GREAT service. I've recommended the gym to tons of people!

I'm willing to say it's the best intermediate/advance training gym out there! In my personal opinion, if they can approve upon the layout and maybe get rid of some unnecessary machines The Gym @ 99 Sudbury would be the best gym out there. Shit, the best part of the gym is it's proximity to Goodlife in liberty village, being so close all the vanity gym goers go there for the eye candy and stay away from 99 Sudbury!

- Jorge
June 6, 2012

I just joined the 99 Gym and I must say I am extremely impressed! Excellent facilities at a great price, super friendly staff and a great location. What more could you ask for in a gymnasium facility! I will be telling all of my friends :)
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