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Fitness One for Women is Canada's largest ladies-only fitness chain. We have the lowest memberships rates of any club in the country with rates ranging from $19-$29 per month and initiation fees are from as little as $49. We also have tons of equipment so you won't have to wait in line to use your favorite piece. We provide free fitness assessments, free program designs and we always provide free personalized training. Get the help you need without having to pay extra. we never charge extra for anything at fitness one. Visit us at any one of our great locations and see for yourself!

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March 18, 2013

I ended my membership last year (2012), I should've ended it sooner. They never processed my cancellation and then the location shut down. Head Office number out of service, no answers to email. I found a location open and the girl was very nice on the phone, I sent copies of my cancellation and she put it through but it had already been 2months of overcharges. Again, very nice she told me I'd get a refund in about 6weeks. 6months later I have no refund and she wont return my calls/emails. The whole situation is laughable! Last time I called in a girl answered who wouldn't even acknowledge I'd called a FitnessOne location.
April 25, 2012

See what their employee said about them. Nothing surprised me anymore.
March 13, 2012

This is targeted to all persons who fitness one have continued to bill when you thought you signed up for a 1 year contract. This obv happened to me. I went there, signed a 1 yr contract and went twice. I know i signed up for 1 year so i had to live with that. I also have a bad habit of not looking at my visa statements so 8 months after my 1 yr contract ended i realized they were still billing me. I tried to contact them and no luck, they wouldnt call me back, couldnt find info on the company, wouldnt respond to emails so this is what i did.

I looked at the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services site which tells you your rights. When looking at the part about Gym Memberships, i realized that all contracts must end after 1 yr. There are certain conditions though, one of them is that they can continue billing if they indicate on their contract that you must cancel it in order to stop being billed. However, this was not the case, nothing noted that on the contract and nothing satisfied the conditions listed on the site so basically my contract was supposed to end after 1 yr.

I sent them registered letters and no reply. It was extremely hard to find the address, they will not give it to you or call you back. I said i would make a complaint to the ministry if they didnt reply by a certain date and they didnt and never did. So I made the complaint, the Ministry reviewed it and I just got a cheque for 250$.

TIP: if you want to make a complaint, make sure you document as much as possible. Emails, registered letters, a log of events about phone calls or visits to the gym. This is very helpful.

You can contact this person at Fitness One:
Kathy Della Chiara
Director of Training and Recruiting
100 Ortona Court
Vaughan, Ontario
L4k 0A5

Good luck! Read your contracts and know your rights!
September 16, 2011

I have never joined this gym, but I had the opportunity to work for them as a sales representative at the Malvern location in Scarborough…and am I ever glad I didn’t follow through.
I was walking in that DUMP of a mall, and saw a Fitness One location directly inside. I worked close by and thought it would be good extra money to work there on weekends if they were looking for someone.
I ask for the manager and a girl walks up with a ratted/ripped sweater and hair that looks greasier than a vat of oil at Burger King. She also happens to be overweight which I find interesting for a MANAGER at a gym.
I ask her if she’s looking for any front desk help on weekends, and she offers me Sundays as sales rep. I decide to take her up on it, considering I would get paid just as much as a front desk receptionist but have the opportunity for commission as well.
She doesn’t need a resume, and doesn’t ask me any questions. Most would find this questionable, I found it lucky as they needed someone to start right away because they didn’t have anyone for Sundays.
She asked if I drive and if I would go to head office in Vaughan for training. I agree. She said she would call me that night and let me know what days/times for next week and an exact address (after I ask her to do this so I know…this was a Thursday afternoon)
Sure enough, I don’t hear from her that night. I specifically told me that I would need to know ASAP as my current employer would be giving me different shifts to accommodate Fitness One.
Friday rolls around, and still no word. I call them and their 16year old receptionists are absolutely no help. I stop by to speak to someone else, and the receptionist is eating MCDONALDS at the front desk. I ask her to call the manager and give her my info for her to call me.
The receptionist calls me back the next day and says training will be on Tuesday.
Long story short, they gave me the WRONG ADDRESS, it was in Concord. I called 3 different extensions which nobody picked up on to tell them I would be late, but on my way (because of being given a wrong address)
I show up 10 minutes late, and they send me home. They wont let me talk to anyone about it, and give no apology or explanation why they were so disorganized. The girl who answered the door at training didn’t even know who I was
Basically this was a blessing in disguise. After coming home, I wondered if I should go into the gym and talk to the manager personally and explain to her what happened. Then realized, why?? I’ve been nothing but accommodating to them, when they’re a COMPANY and I haven’t even started there yet.
After all that, I never heard back from the “manager” at the Malvern location. Her name was Michelle.
Avoid this company at all costs for employment. From what I can tell of a gym, it’s a garbage pit.
December 15, 2010

read all these reviews, and just vistied their youtube account… they have hundreds of testimonials from happy members… never seen that many happy member testimonials for any other club out there… just saying.
I'm a member I find Fitnessone great so far and have nothng bad to say about them because they've been prompt with all my requests. I even got a discount for my sister with my referall. This club is good should definately try it. Everthing is great at this club for me as a member for the past 3 years.
September 9, 2009

Fitness One use to be great! I belonged to the location at Yonge/Bloor and there were so many satisfied women at the location until they closed it down without notice. They said it was due to the rent. I think it was management. They just don't have the right people to run the entire Fitness One locations by reading the reviews. Bloor/Yonge was prime location for them. Yes, the membership was low but they could have raised the membership to keep the club going instead they opened downtown. Out of everyone's way...who wants to travel to Richmond/Peter/John street. Not a cozy place. Went there a couple of times but it's just not like it use to be at Yonge/Bloor. T

They made a big big mistake of closing the location down and now their reputation is rude. word of mouth gets around. Realy unfortunate...they had something going. It was one of the best women's gym's now its the worse gym at all the locations.

Sorry, I just need to be honest.

By: bondgirl007
September 28, 2012
the gyms didn't close down because of poor management, they closed because the Owner is a dishonest, thieving, low life, scum bag, that cheats people out of money and absconds with it. Don't be surprised, word is his father is even worse. Guess we know were the son learnt his fraudulent habits. The man's a con artist who needs to be put in jail.
December 17, 2008

They are fine when you join, but if you quit they will keep taking your money, You will not get it back. DO NOT JOIN!
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