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When a friend introduce me to wynn,...

By: nicholas mclean | August 26, 2015

Wynn fitness change my life, I try other gyms before its difficult and hard to get around, in them but this gym is so easy to use and the staff there is very kind and friendly, but my trainer is number one,
Mohammed is a fitness king, by training with him he drive you to do things you thing you couldn't have done, if you ever want to lose weight when you go to Wynn fitness ask for Mohammed, if you meet in a bad car accident, or injury in any form of sport or any bad knees or ankle, bad back, sprain or broken, this guy will help you recover slowly, why I can say that is because he his helping me to recover this very moment, I met in car accident and that's why I can tell you this.I know a lot people out there reading this right now, get up off the couch and take back your life with Wynn.
Thanks to Wynn, but am grateful for my trainer, Mohammed.

Wynn Fitness Toronto West

2737 Keele Street Toronto, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Not worth it.

By: Prettykittycat41 | August 17, 2015

I've been going to this gym for almost seven years. I enjoy the locker room space, very clean and nice. I also like that it is an all women's gym and that most of the instructors are fantastic. What I'm not impressed with is their lack of dance classes, its all zumba or nothing now. And I know they're in a mall, but the gym is VERY small and it can get crowded pretty quickly. I'm also not a fan of the price. I asked them if it were possible to lower my membership fees because I've been a member for some time and the girl pretty much snorted and said "this is the best deal there is, we aren't lowering it." I found this odd as well as rude, as there are many other gyms with better facilities and lower prices. I had also experienced a car wreck last year and asked to put my membership on hold. I was told there was no option, even in these circumstances. The best they could do was lower my membership to part time. I found this strange too because...


Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada

1355 Kingston Rd Pickering, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Gym was no frills but great

By: Stacey87 | August 9, 2015

This gym was like Planet or Fit4less only for women. Not sure why there are so many complaints, they seem kind of fake to me. The gym was $10 a month, what more do you want?

I was a member for 10 years and never had a problem. Then again I never needed any help. I just did my thing then left. As others have mentioned they sold the clubs then they pretty much went down hill. I got my moneys worth and great results. Very happy.

Fitness One

675 Yonge St Toronto, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place


By: Worrywart | July 31, 2015

I was a member of Prima Donna before Women's Fitness took over.
It is a lot cleaner now and it seems to run more smoothly.
It is also a lot more cliquey than it used to be. It is overcrowded, parking is so bad that sometimes people park illegally.
It is hard not to bump into anything.
There are always new members joining so you cant predict how crowded a class will be. Sometimes there is not enough room in the studio so you can be squashed. new members at every class is disorienting. nothing feels familiar and the vibes change.
Most member are youngish although there are older members too.
It feels like a young women's gym.
It is uncomfortable. It is too busy. It is competitive.
It is mean.

Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada

10341 Yonge Street Richmond Hill, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

customer service

By: kimLRC | July 29, 2015

I always appreciate excellent customer service! Charia never has a issue with explaining billing issues to me or changes in the gym. The staff never had the patience to do that before...its nice to see young people can genuinely care about their customers and workplace. Even when I come for spin class Shanell never fails to ask me how my day is going or ask if I need anything. keep up the work ladies!

Wynn Fitness Mississauga

1590 Dundas Street East Mississauga, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Glad to be back!

By: Hunter8460 | July 29, 2015

I have been back to this World Health location for about 9 months now after being away for 5 years and I am ultra impressed with every thing that has improved. The club has undergone a huge renovation since that time. It is one of the cleanest clubs I have ever been to and there has been an outstanding improvement in the level of professionalism of the staff. If you are looking for a convenient, clean, gym with some of the friendliest staff and members around, check out World Health in North Hill mall.

World Health - North Hill

1632 14 Ave NW Calgary, AB

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Staff Unethical and Aggressive

By: mary654 | July 17, 2015

+ Very clean facilities
+ Female-only environment makes it easier to work out the way you want to
+ Easy to reach gym with public transportation routes
+ Some of the staff members are friendly and professional -- my 1 star is for them (see below)

- Coercive tactics used in selling contract membership. I was invited by a friend to come with her to Spa Lady, because she could "bring one friend for a free workout". As the "free guest", I was not allowed to work out until I spent over 40 minutes in an office listening to consulting/goal recording/gym plan information.

- One particular staff member was --extremely-- pushy and disrespectful when I tried to leave without booking an appointment. I clearly stated, "I will book an appointment when I know my exact availability", but the staff member kept asking when will I know when I'm free. She said "well aren't you a busy girl..." in a very snarky tone...


Spa Lady

9499 137 Ave 1040 Edmonton, AB

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Terrible Gym.

By: non-member | July 8, 2015

Very disappointing service. When I cancelled my membership I was asked to sign a "Cancellation of Membership". It turned out that I was actually signing something that confirmed that I wanted one more month of service at the gym (this was handwritten barely legibly at the bottom of the "cancellation of membership"). Like the reviewers below, they pressure you for your credit card when you first sign up even though I purchased my membership through Groupon. Now I know why they wanted my card, it's because they are in it to take your money.

The facilities themselves were so-so. It's great that they have a women's workout area however all the older equipment seems to be moved to this area. They say in the Groupon that you get 1 personal fitness session; the personal trainer double booked me twice and had to keep rescheduling me. To add, the building itself is old, every time it rained in the slightest, the roof leaked throughout the gym.

Venice Gym Ctr

750 Warden Ave Scarborough, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Thanking Womens Fitness

By: SusanW | June 24, 2015

Ignore the haters!! This is the best gym I have ever joined!! Its not the most glamorous club but by far the best!! I've been a member of the most upscale clubs in the city and felt uncomfortable around the snobby members who spend most of the time fixing there hair and makeup and staring you down more than working out!! It's an older club so it might come off as being unkempt but trust me the adorable cleaning ladies are on the go 24/7 which I never even saw as a member of the Dunfield Club!! Its more of a community of women supporting and encouraging each other, I adore all of my Yoga and Pilates instructors, the front desk girls and Kim of course!! A special congrats to Kim on her recent engagement:)) This is the first club I have been a member of that I actually use at least 6 days a week:))

Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada

1820 Bayview Avenue Toronto, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

The Best Personal Training Experience...

By: sherminator | June 18, 2015

My personal trainer is Jackie Carlos.
I was able to lose 40 pounds in 9 months bcuz of Jackie's dedication towards me and all her motivation/support. Exercise routines were difficult but in a good way bcuz she made them interesting and fun. Always pushed me to the limit and never gave up on me even when I wanted to give up myself. I can do push ups which I never thought I can do in my entire life. My feet don't swell up like they used to. I am stronger and feel more confident and happy. She changed my body and my view on fitness and I owe my life changing experience to her. Thank you Jackie for pushing me and changing my life.

Wynn Fitness Downtown Toronto

98 The Esplanade Toronto, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Customer Service and knoweledeable...

By: non-member | June 4, 2015

I just started working out again. I chose this gym as its women only. My first impression is that it is run by very young adults who are not well versed in customer service/ or the equipment. I am upset that I have to spent 15minutes or more to find parking. When I mentioned this to the office personal they told me I am working out at the wrong times my friend. Excuse me???????I did not realize, I am working out at the convenience of the gym. PARKING IS HORRIBLE this should be stated before you sign me or anyone up to a contract. I get that I am only paying $14.99 a month however; does this mean for that price, I do not get any professionalism and the bare bones with knowledge ? I think this place seems run down and if your going to advertise TV's at least have all of them serviced and working. Also, there should be someone there who can answer questions that pertain to working out and getting the results you one needs. ( They advertise you can get a personal...


She's Fit

19860 Langley Bypass #200 Langley, BC

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Personal Trainer - Nilou Sadeghian

By: amydil | May 14, 2015

I have been working with Nilou for past four months and I have seen great results. Not only she has a great knowledge of fitness but also she is great understanding of nutrition and health. She is tough and push me to my limit even sometime she surprise me about myself and every time that I say you have too much believe in me!!! she would say you are much stronger and I know you can do this. Her friendly personality make every work out fun but at that the same time challenging. and I love the moment when she says you can have your water break

Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada

Promenade Mall 1 Promenade Circle Thornhill, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Horrible Management and Customer...

By: non-member | May 13, 2015

Worst gym ever - do not ever initiate a conversation with any employee from this corporation as they will harass you (email/phone/mail) and you will never be able to get out of your contract. They prey on people whether you are wise to the gym sales tactics or not. They do not have any phone/email for you to get in touch with anyone, they refuse to give out corporates number, they hang up phones on you, they lie, when you ask in person or by phone to speak with management they are never ever ever around - or apparently have just walked out the door...etc. The gym has old tired Reebok crappy junk equipment and it's never maintained or washed by employees. I've seen Personal Trainers not even wipe down the equipment when they train someone and they leave big puddles of sweat on the machines which are often not working or torn. The bathrooms are disgusting and are never clean, the staff harass you at the front and make you feel like you're entering a jail with all their non security features that are supposed to make me feel safe...but yet they make me feel like a criminal. . . etc.

LA Fitness

264 Victoria Street North Kitchener, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Excellent Customer service

By: Joannee | May 4, 2015

I've been going to the Milner location for a little over a year now. The gym is tucked inside a corporate building so the location is nice and quiet which is a pleasant change from having to wait in line for machines like the previous gym I was a member of. The staff is always friendly, especially Maria Consuegra. She has gone above and beyond to reach exceptional customer service. The training team is very professional as well, no complaints. I would give a 5 star rating to the staff however the girls changeroom does have a very distinctive smell, I believe it has to do something with the plumbing so until then I would give a 4 star rating.

Wynn Fitness Toronto East

10 Milner Business Court Toronto, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Never join Goodlife

By: mcleenka | May 4, 2015

They misrepresent themselves. Here is my story.

After being a member through my ex’s work for 8 months I decided to get my own membership.
For the last 8 months I have been paying full price (as far as I am aware) in bi-weekly payments of $39 or $78 a month. The front of the contract that I signed with them allows them to do automatic withdrawals from my bank for 1 year and the only condition outlined on this part of the agreement (ie on the front of the form) is that I must provide written notice 30 days in advance of cancellation.

This is the only condition I was made aware of at the time of signing. It made sense to me that I should be able to cancel by just providing written notice without other penalty.

I was under this impression the entire time I was with them under this contract. It was never verbally expressed that there were any other conditions and the representative never showed me that the back of the form that I signed or made me aware...


GoodLife Fitness Club

12 St Clair Ave E Toronto, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place