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Personal Training with Olesya

By: non-member | September 19, 2014

I took a leave from work for six months with the objective of achieving a better fitness level. Twice in two years I had experienced intense pain from a disk herniation. When I started training twice a week with Olesya, I was nervous about triggering pain and had never used gym equipment. She was able to guide me through exercises that made me feel strong and I didn't have any problems with the disk. I have also participated in a few of the classes offered; there is a schedule of various classes and the club is close to home for me. I can highly recommend Olesya as a trainer and I think most women I know would be happy with this club.

Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada

10341 Yonge Street Richmond Hill, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Thank you Rosie!

By: non-member | August 14, 2014

I have had to cancel my membership at the club only because I am moving out of the area. I was very happy at the Pickering Club. The staff were friendly but professional. Also the facilities were always clean. However the main reason I have continued and visited daily when I was in the city is the Inspiration of your personal trainer Rosie. When my friend and I decided to have a personal trainer help us, we were taken over by Rosie. She adjusted the sessions so that it fit both of us. She took into account my health issues and weaknesses so we both had she same basic training. After the sessions were completed my friend and I were probably in better shape, however weight loss was not evident. Then I realized I needed to do more. I wanted to look like ROSIE. Believe me I have a long ways to go before that happens ,but I am still inspired. Not only is she an awesome trainer, her infectious laughter and joy of life is evident when she is in the gym. I don't have to see her...


Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada

1355 Kingston Rd Pickering, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Poor customer service

By: non-member | August 6, 2014

I used to go to the thickson road Whitby location, found several problems. Most of the staff (with the exception of a couple girls) have poor customer service skills. The first day I signed up, a female trainer took me on a very rushed tour through the gym, then brought me to the front desk to fill out the paperwork. After my workout, I overheard her in the change room talking to another trainer about how I had "wasted her time" and made her late for her date. Unbelievable! The cardio room on the women's side had a huge broken mirror that was never replaced, a few of the treadmills were always broken, and some of the elliptical machines looked like they were about to fall apart as well. When I tried to call the gym and cancel my membership (at the end of my year-long contract), I was told I would receive a call from one of the managers within minutes- they never called back. Called again the next day with the same inquiry- again, told me they would call me back,...


Body Boomers Fitness Club

600 Grandview St S Oshawa, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place


By: non-member | March 18, 2014

I joined Women's Fitness before it even opened. Now it is like family. I do many different classes and there are several excellent instructors. Every class is different, so you don't get bored with them.
I know so many members by name, and the instructors know ours. It makes it a very friendly, familiar workout environment.
They don't spend money on updating or modernizing equipment, which is a shame, as their other locations are reportedly much newer and have fancier machines, but on the whole,it is a great gym. The best part for me is the convenient location, and the fact that it is only women, which changes the whole dynamic of the gym.

Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada

1820 Bayview Avenue Toronto, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place


By: non-member | March 3, 2014

I was really happy to find a boxing gym so close to home, the first few weeks everything was great, but I'm not impressed when the owners kids interrupt classes that I pay for with temper tantrums and the instructors are sending 16 year old to do warm ups so they can change diapers, and kids are running around and playing on equipment. I'll never go back and I couldn't wait for my membership to be over. I had also asked for instructions on how to use the equipment properly, when I showed the next the day, the owner was off for the day, why did I waste my time, how unprofessional.

Huf Gym Inc.

1640 Crestview Ave # 1 Mississauga, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place


By: non-member | October 25, 2013

At the end of my contract, I went in to cancel my membership and was verbally told it would. The club continued to try to take payments out from my account, and I have now recived numerous calls from Credit companies stating I owe $1500, for a membership I wasn't even supposed to be a part of. GET IT IN WRITING PEOPLE AND DO NOT TRUST ANYONE AT THIS GYM! The owners are cowards and will not talk to anyone or even let themselves be known.
I'd give a negative rating if it was possible.

Pavilion, The

130 Racco Pkwy Vaughan, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Dirty Dump

By: non-member | October 10, 2013

I struggled to even give this dump a half star.
I went to Venice for a couple of months and this is by far the worst gym I have even been too.
The ablutions, showers and spa pool (eh what spa pool) are rancid.
The machinery does not work and if it does it clanks its way to life. The weights are old worn and filthy, the weight machines are dangerous and very badly maintained.
Some of the staff are pretty nice, the guys in general there are very friendly, the girls well, Bitches with faces like a boxer dog chewing a wasp comes to mind.
Watch out for the Blonde Bimbo with the boobs and botox and wooo banging the big fat baldy boss (Jack)who claims to be connected to the Mafia and Hells Angels so therefor tries to frighten the wits out of you to pay,
Too much gossip goes on for such a small gym and the paying client does not need to hear that nonsense.

Venice Gym Ctr

750 Warden Ave Scarborough, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Fitness One

By: non-member | July 17, 2013

I came to Canada on a working holiday a couple of years ago and had the unfortunate experience of working for Fitness One. Alarmingly, it seems that despite a few years passing, Fitness One is still up to their old tricks by scamming both customers and employees alike. My advice to anyone involved in a dispute with fitness one is to not waste your time chasing them and ringing their offices- its fruitless. My advise is to go to the correct/applicable authorities. There are so many people complaining via websites but it's not hampering fitness one's ability to rip people off at all. In my case they did not pay my wages, I didn't even bother informing fitness one about this but instead went straight to the Department of Labour and filed a complaint, within two months the labour department (who did all the chasing for me, and it didn't cost me a cent) sent me a real cheque for the money from fitness one -it cleared, problem solved. Its important that you get the right...


Fitness One

675 Yonge St Toronto, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Best Gym in Toronto

By: non-member | October 27, 2012

I've moved around quite a bit and tried quite a few gyms, both in and out of Toronto. After being a member at 99 Sudbury for a little over a year I've finally found one that feels right.

The gym has really high ceilings, lots of light, it's full of brick and wood, and it's beautiful in a badass kind of way. They've got a fair bit of fancy equipment, but what I love is that they haven't neglected the basics. I never need to wait for the squat cage or bench press, and there's plenty of room to deadlift.

The people there are great too. Friendly members, great staff. Matt at reception is welcoming, social and helpful. David, who runs the place, is great.

I've since moved out of the neighbourhood, but decided to keep my membership there. It's well worth the commute, and I always find myself eager to head over and train.


Yonge Street Fitness Club

By: Fridayuman | March 29, 2012

Great Gymn very clean & Friendly with state of the Equipment. this is my second year now & i m loving it, before i had Memberships from all these Gymn Etc's Bally's, Gold Gymn, YMCA, Good-Life & Extreme fitness they were Horrible over Crowded & Rude Staffs every where that Accopied most of the Equipment everyday for training they Clients plus after done using those Equipment all over the floors without cleaning or pick them up in the Area where suppose to be put back or belong, beside you have to deal with every day whenever Busy Hours with Annoying Rude People, on top of over Price & Total Rips off. Until i came across a year ago and finally was introduce from my close friend about "Yonge Street Fitness Club" Try them out and now i m much more Happier & still Loving it .. :)

Yonge Street Fitness Club

7 Isabella Street Toronto, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place


By: Wendy8495 | January 3, 2012

I joined Pure Fitness in 2008 as I did not like my past experience with large chains. It was the best decision I could have made!! I never felt like I "belonged" at other clubs - they seemed to cater to people who were highly competitive. I just wanted to be able to workout, enjoy the experience and feel better for having made the commitment. I have been able to accomplish all of that at Pure Fitness.

The staff are personable and know everyone by name. They take an interest in their members - we are not just a number. I work with a trainer and it has been the greatest "gift" I have given myself. He is motivating and challenges me to do my best (thanks Eli).

This Club provides the perfect environment for everyone.

Pure Fitness

939 Eglinton Avenue East East York, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

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