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Would Not Recommend This Gym To My...

By: lisamarie564 | January 30, 2015

I would not recommend this gym to my worst enemy. This location is filthy, stinky, and noone in the gym wipes down equipment after use. Upon arriving, the staff at the front is rude, and bitchy. There is one bigger lady who claims to be a "personal trainer". Not sure how that's possible, she actually looks like a beached whale. She is so bitter. One day she lost her mind on me b/c I asked to borrow a lock, and she bitched about me walking with my outdoor shoes on to the changeroom in July.

There is no reason for the staff to be walking around nose up in the air. They are disgusting, and look like they are out of shape themselves.

Not to mention, I was paying 160.00 a month for 12 months (only 6 of those months have been used, along with 13 personal training sessions). Your personal trainers are annoying. They have your cell number, and text you ( A bit unprofessional don't you think). I had to change my number b/c the annoying Trainer was trying...


Spa Lady

9499 137 Ave 1040 Edmonton, AB

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Scam Artists !!!!

By: matta7769 | December 17, 2014

Run from this Place !! Dave Hotrum and Jason Affleck are scam artists !!

Joined in May 2009 cancelled in July 2010...Continued to charge us...sent a written cancellation notice...still charged us...sent registered letter on advise of attorney ... still charging date they have over billed us $5000.00. We closed the bank account and then they started debiting spouses, closed that account and know they are debiting my teenage daughters .... legal ???

When asked for copies of contracts showing we renewed surprisingly they cannot find, however they did inadvertently e mail them all to me showing no signatures and computerized notes of all our cancellation letters (thanks ditsy front desk Vanesssa !!)

I have now had to retain legal council and will be seeking refund, legal costs and damages...

What a complete waste of my time and energies,

Body Boomers Fitness Club

600 Grandview St S Oshawa, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Not sure !

By: martina936 | December 7, 2014

This gym has it's ups and downs, yes its dirty and run down , the showers suck , the bathroom is always filthy , the receptionist is the unfriendliest person I have ever met in my whole life and theres a couple of types of weights and some different kinds of work out equipment they dont have ie, kettle ball, bosu ball ect. They are also super unorganized with their money and what they are taking from you when and how and the personal trainer has very little knowledge of anything.

The ups, its huge, you never have to wait for a machine, they have every machine possible and a womens gym and a boxing gym which is never in use and i love to use to skip and box and i get it all to myself which is nice.

Venice Gym Ctr

750 Warden Ave Scarborough, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Personal Training with Sandra Yaquo

By: francaiamundi | November 11, 2014

I met Sandra just over 2 years ago. I can say that training with her has been the best thing I have ever done when it comes to my fitness regime. I can honestly say that training with her has changed my body completely. Both inside and out. She has given me the confidence and above all the strength that I never thought I could accomplish. She is an amazing young lady with a lot of knowledge and compassion. I look forward to each and every one of my training sessions with her. And of course the feel good adrenaline I get after the session. She is truly an amazing individual. Keep up the good work, my awesome friend!

Franca Iamundi

Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada

10341 Yonge Street Richmond Hill, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Don't expect good customer service

By: non-member | November 10, 2014

- The gym is big you never wait for equipment and can stay on as long as you like without having to sign up for a machine.
- Monthly price once you pay for the initial one time $100+ sign up fee
- Large & plentiful lockers
-Tanning Beds
- Nice womens only gym.

- Lack of air conditioning. Deathly hot in the summer.

- FILTHY showers. I don't care how much employees tell you they are washed. They are definitely not cleaned regularly. I know an employee at the gym who has admitted no employee wants to clean up all the dirt and grime that clogs the drain holes. I am not a princess and can rough it, but even I have standards. I use the handicap shower with a long adjustable shower head so I can spray the inside down before I use it. Health inspectors should look into this.

- Music is often super loud and you can barely hear your own ipod turned on the highest volume. My friend and I have both asked several employees on...


club 16 Trevor Linden

101-22420 Dewdney Trunk Rd. Maple Ridge, BC

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

i love this gym!

By: iheartfitness | November 10, 2014

I love this gym! I love that the staff are friendly and helpful, and that the facility is always clean. Lynda's "On the Ball", and "TGIF" classes are so good! They're so much fun, making the hour fly by while you get a fabulous workout. All of the instructors are knowledgeable and upbeat. Along with Lynda, some of my favourite instructors are Nella, Desta, Lisa and of course, Natalie. If you get a chance, do check out this gym. You won't regret it!

Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada

1355 Kingston Rd Pickering, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Best gym for your body , mind and...

By: non-member | October 14, 2014

I have been going to this gym for many years now... I am a hug fan!!! Ron Zalko has been such a positive and inspirational person to me over the years!
I can't wait to start an intense workout program with Ron this Wed to get me in great shape just in time for my winter holidays on the beach. :)))
Who is ready to get in the best shape of their lives????..... I know I am!!!

Fighter-style Fitness!

By: non-member | August 16, 2014

Team Prime Time takes pride in the professionalism our members and pro fighters bring to the ring! Here at Prime Time, we host a number of athletes, both competitive and social, providing them with equipment and a safe place to be. Join us! Prime Time is here for support and success! Visit us, stop by the front desk and we'll chat about your schedule, what you do outside of the gym and what your fitness goals might be here at the gym. Like any fitness facility and in order to keep the club open to the public, there are fees associated with club use. Check out our web-site and find out what is going on! Then stop by the front desk and we can chat about whats best for you! If its a free workout your looking for, talk to Nic, I'm sure we can work something out. I look forward to seeing you and hope our time together may be both beneficial and constructive, day after day! Join the fun!

Prime Time Personal Fitness & Boxing

2390 Lakeshore Road West Oakville, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Prima Donna Fitness Club: NIA Class...

By: non-member | August 16, 2014

Me and my daughters have been members for years and we're all more than happy with the wonderful friendly and kind staff and trainers as well as the clean environment, and good equipment.
I would like to ask the management to continue the NIA class on Wednesdays 11:30-12:30AM with the great trainer Sherri.
Me and my classmates all love the class and the environment that Sherri maintains. Also the timing is perfect for all of us and we would like to ask you to add more classes during the week at the same time please.
I'm not sure if every one could do this quote but I know that every body agrees with this.
Again thanks to the Prima Donna Management and the great experienced staff and trainers.
All the best,
Forouzandeh Fereidooi

Prima Donna Fitness For Women

10341 Yonge St Richmond Hill, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place


By: non-member | August 8, 2014

This has got to be the worst gym in the region. I am absolutely disgusted by the lack of professionalism from the management. The gym is not sanitary and all the staff really cares about is having more people sign up in order to have more clients. Obviously client retention is not one of their main concerns since they do not put any effort into being a clean and friendly gym.

I definitely would never recommend this gym to anyone.

LA Fitness

264 Victoria Street North Kitchener, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

worst gym after canceling still...

By: non-member | July 18, 2014

I went into the north road location and canceled my membership. Have there document which says no money oweing. There are now trying to collect money from me after cancelation done. Credit company has called and explained to them. My only option is to go to small claims or better yet take this matter to the newspaper. Do not join this club equipment was broken half the time as well. Feel sorry for staff. Hope this helps. Frustrated

She's FIT! Burnaby/Coquitlam

567 Clarke Rd Coquitlam, BC

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

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